Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Luna in training

Luna's training has got off to a great start, we are thrilled at how fast she has learnt to indicate on the Pine Marten Scat. She is still in the early stages of training and sometimes she gets so excited she has to settle down a little prior to finding the Target Odour (Pine Marten Scats).

We start the training indoors, to reduce distractions and help maintain focus in these fragile early stages of scent training.

Luna's First training session outdoors in a local country park.

The training will involve searches on the lead and also searches off the lead to ensure Luna can work to her full capability operationally in both situations.

Free Search off lead in open fields.

Luna is our Black Labrador Bitch, she is 16 Months old and has been in training for 2 weeks.


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  2. What a great idea to use dogs to help with surveys. I can think of loads of ways this could be applied. Will keep watching on how Luna gets on with her specialist training.