Saturday, 2 July 2011

Conservation Dogs staff visit Working Dogs for Conservation in Montana

We are delighted to be invited to Montana to visit Megan Parker of Working Dogs for Conservation, and to shadow her on her week long operational search at the end of July.
We are more than thrilled to be given this opportunity to see how WDC work and Conservation Dogs aspire to work along side WDC sometime in the future.

"Working Dogs for Conservation (WDC) formed in 2000 to collect information-rich wildlife and plant samples using specially trained detection dogs."

Megan Parker has been involved with dogs in Conservation since 1996, as well as having life long experience training dogs for obedience and Search and Rescue.

They have been working in this field for over ten years now and have so much knowledge and experience and I cant wait to speak to them and pick their brains about what they do, why, troubleshooting and prospects for the future.

I would love to invite Working Dogs for Conservation to the UK to visit our training establishment, see our dogs.  We hope for them to visit us next time they are in the UK.

We will be staying at Red Rock Wildlife Refuge in Montana during the search period, as well as staying with Megan at her home in Montana.
On our visit we hope to Visit Yellowstone park also to see all the wildlife.
But mostly on this visit I cant wait to see WDC dogs, I love meeting new dog especially ones that are in tune with there own senses and use them so productively to help us humans gain a better informed understanding of wildlife and the world... we owe it to the dogs..
On our return we will keep you updated on the searches that where conducted and for animal scats we where in search for during the week long search in the beautiful settings.

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  1. Louise, as you are flying to the US today. Good Luck from all at Wagtail!! Im sure you you will enjoy meeting Megan and everyone at Working Dogs for Conservation. Have a great time.