Sunday, 6 November 2011

Conservation Dogs attending Wind and Biodiversity Seminar in Portugal

Bio3 and the University of Aveiro are organizing a Wind & Biodiversity Seminar on the 15th November 2011 and we will be there.

 Hugo and Miguel from Bio3 Visited Wagtail UK and Conservation Dogs training establishment earlier this year were we discussed possible collaboration or the ability to consult with Bio3 with our bat carcass detection dog projects.

Bio3 have been so proactive in the use of dogs in helping detect bat and bird carcass' to help measure mortality rates on wind turbine sites in Portugal and surrounding areas.

They have such a good team and great enthusiasm for the use of Dogs in Conservation that we were thrilled to receive an invite to this Wind and Biodiversity Seminar.

check it out:-

We would be thrilled to one day work with BIO 3 and cant wait to catch up with all the team on our visit.

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