Thursday, 11 October 2012

BIOBLITZ presentation Shropshire Mammal Group

I was kindly asked to attend Shropshire BIOBLITZ at Walford College in September to demonstrate Luna's capabilities as well as show a presentation about Conservation dogs and what we do.
The turn out was fantastic and myself and Luna and my other dogs where all made to feel very welcome.

Luna's demonstration went well "OK" as it was typical Luna was so excited she didn't want to cover the small demonstration area I had laid out, but she wanted to cover the huge area. So firstly trying to pin her down to a smaller area took some effort but eventually she located the scat and indicated for all the audience to see. But she did do a great job in the end and showed how much quicker and more accurate a dog can detect Scats in comparison to humans.

We were very please to be involved in this years BIOBLITZ and want to thank all involved. Luna and the rest of the dogs enjoyed themselves. I hope everyone enjoyed the demonstration and keep watching out for more demonstrations soon.

I was also honoured to meet Mr Johnny Birks, Chairman of the Mammal Society. After hearing alot about Johnny as well as reading his books it was great to finally meet him.

We will be working with Shropshire Mammal group again very soon, as we have been hired to conduct Pine Marten Scats which is very exciting.

Watch this space.....

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