Thursday, 11 October 2012

Pine marten sighting in Wales

Jenny from The Vincent Wildlife Trust contacted me regarding some Pine Marten Sighting in Aberystwyth over the last weekend of Septmeber. Two individual sightings that where very accurate had been reported and therefore a quick accurate and efficient method of scat searching was needed.

The weather was horrendous and very wet and rainy... this makes the chances of finding a scat in tact, and not washed away very unlikely so we needed to act quick to hopefully find anything that would be of interest.

Luna did wonderfully again, despite the rain the wind and the mist. as well as poor Luna cut her foot also whilst searching but this was only that evening that I saw her foot after doing a health check on her- she didn't let it affect her work though. as a result I did have to reduce our hydrotherapy trips until her foot was healed.

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