Saturday, 22 March 2014

Harper Adams University visit

On Friday we had a big day presenting for Harper Adams University and we also carried out a demonstration. 

First part of the day we presented our PowerPoint to the students and answered any questions in relation to the use if dogs in wildlife research and conservation.

The second part of the day we carried out demonstrations with Twister our Bat Carcass Detection Dog to show how much more quicker a dog can retrieve bat carcass's in comparison to human search teams. 

Then we used Luna to show how quick a dog can find Pine Marten Scat (faeces), from old scat to wet scat and in all different terrain with low abundance in an area. 

The demonstrations where well received and everyone including the dogs seemed to enjoy it. 

We then where interviewed and had to have a few photo's done which Luna as per usual loved. 

We where very happy to have been asked to visit Harper Adams and hope to visit again with our :-

*Great Crested Newt Detection Dog 
And our 
*Dormouse Nest Detection Dog 

Thanks again to all those we met and for Nicky Hunter's Hospitality . 

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