Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Conservation dogs are looking for some new K9 Recruits to join our expanding teams. We have a special anti-poaching project starting overseas and we are looking for two dogs to meet this amazing new project. ideally like our last project in Gabon we would like a Labrador and a Cocker spaniel or Springer spaniel. These dogs need to be light in colour, ages from 10 months to 2.5 years old.

These dogs will be part of an amazing elite sniffer dog team working abroad with a large wildlife organisation and National Park. they will be housed with the handlers and have 24/7 kennel hands to tend to their needs. They will be loved and cared for better than any dog and the welfare standards are amazing.

This project is a very important one, helping to curb the smuggling of illegal wildlife products, therefore we are eager to find the right dog for the job. We need the typical ball mad, enthusiastic and fearless happy dog.

If you can help with helping us give a dog a forever working home and an amazing job please contact us for more information.


Lumi and Cooper- trained by Conservation dogs for the Gabonese Government.
On the hunt for illegal wildlife traders and smugglers.
(seen here with Handlers and driver.)

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